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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perfect Your Look

SHE by SO.CAP.USA flat irons
For any woman who has ever taken out the time to perfect her makeup, get her legs smoothly shaven, unmanageable hair is her undoing. Even after washing and conditioning hair, the drying process and a little humidity can make fly-aways and frizzy stand out above all else. It undermines the perfect pairing of comfortable espadrilles that complement the sexy black dress. Actually, flaws in the hair can take away confidence, and rob women of their natural beauty on any day, whether for a day out with the girlfriends, or an afternoon spent running errands.

Instead, women perfect the look by countering the ill effects of weather, nature, and hair type through the use of one heaven-sent gadget -- flat irons. They smooth out the ill-fated kinks into a more responsible and well-mannered do. SO.CAP., long known for She hair extensions used by professional hairdressers, has devised a new line of SHE by SO.CAP. flat irons.

Of course the SHE by SO.CAP. flat irons offer a mind boggling variation of flat irons. After all, it is She hair extensions that is known for matching almost any color shade and hair style, from wavy and curly to pin straight. Users can choose from SO.CAP. She lines of Glam, Pearl, Pure Power, and Velvet.

The SHE Glam provides a quick fix for making waves, curling, ironing out the kinks, or straightening or flattening the hair. What may stick out as much more useful to many women is its ability to repair damaged hair. For customers who cannot achieve the fully flat effect because of frizzed ends, the SHE Glam Takes care of that as well. The 3.5 cm plate is ceramic, tourmaline, and of titanium base. The Pure Power is similar, though it also includes infrared rays for a smoother look, and it makes use of a greater bit of more traditional, ceramic material.

Similarly, SHE Velvet, which is longer at 12 cm, allows a greater area to be covered simultaneously. It is time consuming enough having to get ready to go out, and this is one time saver. It also features the tourmaline, infrared, and ceramic, though in a narrower 2.5 cm base.

The SHE Pearl and its narrower base of 2.5 cm helps women perfect the look of tighter curls. Its infrared rays make a smooth look, clearing up frizzy ends. The tourmaline works the same for all varieties of SO.CAP.  by giving users a healthy sheen to the hair. It dresses up the hair to match that sexy black dress and refined, perfected makeup.


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