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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fantasy Hair Color Chart

Fantasy Color Chart
Fantasy hair colors are a popular and exciting trend across the country today. In fact many celebrities are starting to sport wild and crazy hair colors at all types of venues. Of course hair manipulation is not a new fascination since people have been manipulating hair in all different ways as far back as centuries ago. However, the trend now is to create looks that nature cannot create such as crazy colors and ornamentation's. To achieve this look people purchase colored hair extensions that can be easily attached to the scalp. Hair extensions of this type can obviously be purchased in normal hair colors but for those who are interested in fantasy hair colors the best thing to do is reference a hair color chart.

A hair color chart with fantasy hair colors will generally include colors that are considered “fantasy” such as bright pink, dark blue, light blue, orange, lilac, bright yellow and even dark green. A chart such as this helps fantasy color consumers by listing the color choices available and in what hair texture they come in. An ideal extension hair color chart will show a picture of the color along with the name by which it is called. A chart such as this is recommended since colors can vary from company to company and yet bear the same name. That being said, colored hair extensions are an excellent way to change a hair color without having to mess around with hair color kits or dye. Due to many changes over the past decade hair extensions have become much more appealing. They are now non-permanent, non-damaging and are easily removable making them suitable for any kind of lifestyle. With this technology anyone can sport beautiful, vivid colors in their hair and not worry about how it will look for an important event or meeting. Plus, most reputable companies use real human hair ensuring the hair will look natural and behave naturally. Indeed, hair extensions are the hassle-free way to achieve any kind of look. On that note, an extension hair color chart should be the first thing to reference when deciding upon a hair color choice.

The take home message here is that using a hair color chart is a must for anyone who is considering hair color extensions. Although they can be easily attainable online it is best to view a picture of the color before purchasing. Because of the handiness of these charts consumers are able to find and buy the hair color of their dreams whether it is normal or “fantasy”.

Perfect Your Look

SHE by SO.CAP.USA flat irons
For any woman who has ever taken out the time to perfect her makeup, get her legs smoothly shaven, unmanageable hair is her undoing. Even after washing and conditioning hair, the drying process and a little humidity can make fly-aways and frizzy stand out above all else. It undermines the perfect pairing of comfortable espadrilles that complement the sexy black dress. Actually, flaws in the hair can take away confidence, and rob women of their natural beauty on any day, whether for a day out with the girlfriends, or an afternoon spent running errands.

Instead, women perfect the look by countering the ill effects of weather, nature, and hair type through the use of one heaven-sent gadget -- flat irons. They smooth out the ill-fated kinks into a more responsible and well-mannered do. SO.CAP., long known for She hair extensions used by professional hairdressers, has devised a new line of SHE by SO.CAP. flat irons.

Of course the SHE by SO.CAP. flat irons offer a mind boggling variation of flat irons. After all, it is She hair extensions that is known for matching almost any color shade and hair style, from wavy and curly to pin straight. Users can choose from SO.CAP. She lines of Glam, Pearl, Pure Power, and Velvet.

The SHE Glam provides a quick fix for making waves, curling, ironing out the kinks, or straightening or flattening the hair. What may stick out as much more useful to many women is its ability to repair damaged hair. For customers who cannot achieve the fully flat effect because of frizzed ends, the SHE Glam Takes care of that as well. The 3.5 cm plate is ceramic, tourmaline, and of titanium base. The Pure Power is similar, though it also includes infrared rays for a smoother look, and it makes use of a greater bit of more traditional, ceramic material.

Similarly, SHE Velvet, which is longer at 12 cm, allows a greater area to be covered simultaneously. It is time consuming enough having to get ready to go out, and this is one time saver. It also features the tourmaline, infrared, and ceramic, though in a narrower 2.5 cm base.

The SHE Pearl and its narrower base of 2.5 cm helps women perfect the look of tighter curls. Its infrared rays make a smooth look, clearing up frizzy ends. The tourmaline works the same for all varieties of SO.CAP.  by giving users a healthy sheen to the hair. It dresses up the hair to match that sexy black dress and refined, perfected makeup.

Looking Beautiful Every time

There is no reason for any woman in the world to look bad at any time because of bad hair. If a woman has hair she does not like, she can use So.Cap hair extensions to get the beautiful hair she wants. It does not matter if a woman uses adhesive hair extensions, or clip in hair extensions to get the hair she wants, the only thing that matters is that women get the beautiful hair they all deserve. In this day and age, if a woman is not satisfied with her hair, she can always do something to change it.

Get Longer Hair without Growing It

Every woman has hair, and all women have hair that grows, but some women's hair grows faster and longer than other women's hair. If a woman wants long flowing hair, and her hair history shows that her hair will not naturally grow to be the way she wants it, her best option to get the hair she wants is to get So.Cap hair extensions. If a woman does this, she will get the hair she wants, and she will not have wait a long time to get it.

It can take years for some women’s hair to grow a foot or more, so any female who wants longer hair in a shorter amount of time. Only has the option of getting extensions put in her hair to get the look she wants. Getting hair extensions put in is very easy to do, and it does not cause much pain, so all women can endure hair extension procedure. The procedure to get hair extensions is a simple one, so women don’t have to worry about anything complicated being done to their hair when they get extensions.

Hair That Looks Real

The only people who can tell when a woman gets hair extensions, are the people who have seen her recently before she got them; to all other people the extensions look like real hair. In the past, when people wanted to have longer hair and were unable to grow it the way they wanted to, they used to wear wigs. The problem with wearing wigs is that people can tell when a person is wearing a wig. People don’t even have to be close to a person to know that a person is wearing a wig. Anybody who doesn’t want people to know they have fake hair should have either adhesive hair extensions put into their hair, or they should have clip in hair extensions put into their hair. If women have these hair extensions put into their hair, they will look like new women, and people will love their new hair.

Get The Hairstyle You've Always Wanted

Being able to dramatically change your look is one of the great things about being a woman today. Women have the ability to change their style of clothes, their makeup and even their hairstyle in order to exude how they feel or how they want to be perceived before leaving the house each day. Unfortunately, sometimes the length or texture of a woman’s hair can prevent her from creating the desired look. SHE by SO.CAP.USA has created hair extensions to help any person overcome any shortcomings and create a stunning and confident look.

SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions are made entirely from human hair and are of the highest quality. Because these hair extensions are created from one hundred percent human hair, they will not only be natural looking, but they also add healthy body and texture to any style. These extensions come in a wide array of shades and colors to suit any mood and style, from highlights for a subtle change to a bold pink streak to show off your wild side.

Aside from the large selection of shades and colors to choose from, there is also a vast selection of styles, depending on the look you are shooting for. Add a little or a lot of length to your hair or for the more daring, SHE by SO.CAP.USA pony tail extensions and SHE by SO.CAP.USA bang extensions are two great options to vary your daily look. Add So.Cap pony tail extensions to your short hairstyle for a sleek and sophisticated look or SHE by SO.CAP.USA bang extensions to add a little edge to your current look. Not only will you get an amazing look but you can also try out new looks before committing to the time or money it takes to grow or cut your hair.

With the ease and convenience and the enormous selection of styles and colors to choose from, SHE by SO.CAP.USA makes it easy to transform yourself into someone else.

A Terrific Large Oval Brush

Large Oval Brush
Whether your hair is short and thin, long and curly, straight and sleek, or totally unmanageable, you want a brush that can tame your locks and make your hair look shiny and put-together. But finding the perfect brush is harder than you might think. The overwhelming variety of brushes on the market means there is an enormous amount of trial and error involved. You want a brush that you can use whether your hair is wet or dry, and that can effectively untangle your hair when it is knotty or style it when you're using a blow dryer and aiming for a specific look.

A large oval brush is undoubtedly the way to go. Able to serve all your hair brush needs, a large oval shape allows for maximal coverage, allowing for a smooth and consistent look. The oval shape is especially good for styling with a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. A large brush is an excellent choice because it makes for efficient hair brushing by covering a lot of your head all at once, and this type of brush will keep your locks looking smooth, sleek, and shiny.

Picking the right brush for your hair can be a nightmare. The great part about a large oval brush is that it will work for you whether your hair is short or long, super curly or stick straight, thick or relatively thin. Don't worry about finding a specialized brush for your hair type. All you need is a large brush in this terrific oval shape to fit your needs.

Getting an oval brush may seem irrelevant, but in fact the oval shape is very helpful for styling and untangling hair. Many people choose round brushes because they believe they are easier for styling with a blow dryer, but in fact an oval brush is the most versatile and useful shaped brush because it's an excellent brush for your styling needs but can also be used as a more basic brush for smoothing out and untangling your hair.

Consider all the options when picking out your brush. There are many types of bristles, degrees of cushioning, and different handles out there. Get a brush that feels comfortable in your hand, with bristles that don't irritate or hurt your scalp. But most of all, you should be certain to choose a brush with a large oval shape. Perfect for styling, perfect for untangling, and perfect for getting the most out of your hair brush, large oval-shaped brushes are undoubtedly the best option on the market today.

White Devil Flat Iron

White Devil Conditioning Iron
The White Devil Conditioning Iron packs a powerful yet gentle touch for all of your hair straightening needs. It's perfect for the professional hair stylist and for the individual that does their own hair.

You will find that the White Devil Conditioning Iron uses ultra sound technology that provides your hair with a healthy hydration. This iron works with SHE by SO.CAP.USA's Argan 4U hair care products that you apply to your hair. You will find that this is the best conditioning iron for hair due to the fact that it enhances the products that you apply to your hair by boosting the products benefits. No matter which brand of products you use, you are going to be able to see and feel the difference when you use the White Devil with them.

With the White Devil Conditioning Iron, you'll be able to hydrate your hair as well as repair it. No other iron on the market is going to be as gentle to your hair as the White Devil.

The magnetic vibrations and infrared rays are what set this iron apart from the rest making it the most beneficial to use. You'll love the results that you get from this iron as much as you love the lack of damage that is applied to your hair. It provides you with the best hydration by turning water to steam. Nutrients, protein and water will be able to penetrate your hair when you use the White Devil which in turn is going to leave your hair healthier, softer and more manageable.

The White Devil is going to restore your hair's elasticity and help repair any damage that your hair may have suffered from the use of less quality flat irons. This great conditioning iron for hair is sleek and slender making it easy for you to use. It will fit perfectly in your hands and allow you to easily and comfortably control your movements. The rotating cord provides you with a 360 degree rotation which is going to allow your cord to always stay untangled. You won't have to stop in the middle of styling your hair to unwind the cord.

It's great to know that you can put that old iron in the trash and use a flat iron for hair that is going to benefit your hair and make it look and feel healthier.