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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fantasy Hair Color Chart

Fantasy Color Chart
Fantasy hair colors are a popular and exciting trend across the country today. In fact many celebrities are starting to sport wild and crazy hair colors at all types of venues. Of course hair manipulation is not a new fascination since people have been manipulating hair in all different ways as far back as centuries ago. However, the trend now is to create looks that nature cannot create such as crazy colors and ornamentation's. To achieve this look people purchase colored hair extensions that can be easily attached to the scalp. Hair extensions of this type can obviously be purchased in normal hair colors but for those who are interested in fantasy hair colors the best thing to do is reference a hair color chart.

A hair color chart with fantasy hair colors will generally include colors that are considered “fantasy” such as bright pink, dark blue, light blue, orange, lilac, bright yellow and even dark green. A chart such as this helps fantasy color consumers by listing the color choices available and in what hair texture they come in. An ideal extension hair color chart will show a picture of the color along with the name by which it is called. A chart such as this is recommended since colors can vary from company to company and yet bear the same name. That being said, colored hair extensions are an excellent way to change a hair color without having to mess around with hair color kits or dye. Due to many changes over the past decade hair extensions have become much more appealing. They are now non-permanent, non-damaging and are easily removable making them suitable for any kind of lifestyle. With this technology anyone can sport beautiful, vivid colors in their hair and not worry about how it will look for an important event or meeting. Plus, most reputable companies use real human hair ensuring the hair will look natural and behave naturally. Indeed, hair extensions are the hassle-free way to achieve any kind of look. On that note, an extension hair color chart should be the first thing to reference when deciding upon a hair color choice.

The take home message here is that using a hair color chart is a must for anyone who is considering hair color extensions. Although they can be easily attainable online it is best to view a picture of the color before purchasing. Because of the handiness of these charts consumers are able to find and buy the hair color of their dreams whether it is normal or “fantasy”.


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